Posted by: cg00n | October 5, 2011

Marginal Improvement

Just a quick update to say that I saw the surgeon again today and he has taken a bit more margin around the troublesome excision.  That should do the trick, at least until the next time I find a lump.  It was a bit painful:  I seem to need quite a lot of local anaesthetic.  But the people are all lovely and I was in and out in no time.  So, from lump to limp:  another 18 days until the stitches come out.  Ain’t life a bitch?  At least I’ll probably be able to make that cruise we had planned in early November.

Yesterday we saw Dr. D, the oncologist.  She make the slightly disturbing observation that, in her recent experience, PET scans have missed signs of cancer that CT scans have picked up.  Apparently oncologists at other institutions  have been noticing this too.  My PET scan earlier this year was all clear but now I wonder how far I can trust it.  I’ll get a CT done in January, after the Christmas rush is over.

For now life returns to normal.  Take care of yourselves, all of you.



  1. Thankfully the doctor is carefully sending all tissue removed to determine if they need to increase the margin. I am impressed with how well you take the news of each set back. You are a walking miracle and evidence that carefully watching for changes pays off. Is A going on the cruise with you?

  2. Your state of mind seems very zen in this post – keep it up and best wishes.

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