Posted by: cg00n | January 3, 2012

Dye Another Day

Happy New Year everyone!

Today saw two minor developments in the continuing saga.  First I got a CT scan, this time without the contrast dye that they usually IV into me.  The last time they did this they were concerned because I sneezed when I was about to leave and they made me sit around in my johnny shirt for an extra 20 minutes, presumably to see if I would catch pneumonia.  Apparently sneezing can be a sign of an allergic reaction to the dye and since this can get fairly fatal they take it pretty seriously.  When I mentioned this to Dr. D she said she would get my future CT scans done without the dye and so it has proved to be.  The whole exercise is very short, now that they don’t have to muck about with the IV.  My next appointment with Dr. D is on the 11th by which time I expect the results to be in.  There does not seem to be any reason to worry.

After this came breakfast and a little while later I was back at Dr. O‘s office getting December’s stitches taken out.  I think she’s starting to worry that if she takes out many more I will unravel completely.  However, this time she was more concerned about a small infection.  They can get quite serious quite quickly in that leg so now I have a week’s worth of antibiotics (which the pharmacist pithily described as smelling like cat’s p**s) to take.

Since there was quite a bit of slack time today I did a fair amount of walking (yes, I am getting a little more exercise these days) and meditating.  My New Year’s resolution, in addition to staying alive, is to work harder on the enlightenment stuff.  I’ll probably sign up for a retreat sometime this spring.

Just for the record, a visit to Dr. L back in December was comfortingly uneventful.  He still thinks I have “beautiful skin”!  I told him I’m not done with it yet.

News Roundup

I am sad to report that our sometimes commentatrix, Randi, died on December 29th, just about exactly one year after K’s mum.  In spite of all the advances this is still a very hard cancer to fight off once it gets a good hold on you.  So far I’ve been luckier than some of my co-sufferers, a fact for which I am very grateful on a daily basis.

That’s all for today.  I’ll drop a post here when I’ve got the scan results.  As always, I wish you all good health, long lives and many of them.



  1. Sorry to hear about your e-friend Randi. I wish I had a magic wand to take away suffering, pain, loss and so much more. I offer my condolences. Perhaps I should have gone into microbiology and perhaps I might have found a cure, or not. One never knows. Glad to hear you no longer have to have unfriendly dye inserting into your veins for your CT scans and here’s hoping they come up negative. Best the melanoma lets you heal before we begin to use your legs to play x and o’s and other such games.

  2. I swear I’m going to get all my parcels out by Friday, darnit.

    That being said, I don’t believe sneezing, aside from seasonal/pollen and animal dander, has ever been an allergic reaction for me to medication or ingested anything. Puking? Yup. Instant headache? Yup. Gloves & socks of itching powder sorts of hives? Only while pregnant and taking antibiotics. Dehydration? Yup. Sneezing? Not me.

    If you feel as if you’re coming unraveled, consult a needleworker of the textile variety, especially if that person belongs to the online community, Ravelry. Have you heard of “yarn bombs”? It’s their fault. It’s a form of guerilla art attacks which oddly enough, don’t destroy a thing.

    I’m sorry to hear of your friend Randi–e- or otherwise, it’s hard to lose people you care about. About 2002 or thereabouts, one of the women on a list I’ve been on since March of ’95, had too hard a depression to handle, after two stressful years, and she took her life. The list processed this and our reactions, our own depressions, and other topics associated with the even or this woman, or relating to same. I’m glad we had each other to help us through that time.

    However, one of the baristas at my usual stop was with his wife on the 29th, when she produced their first child, a daughter named Zoey. Perhaps their spirits connected as they were crossing the veil to new ways of being.

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