Posted by: cg00n | July 12, 2013

Never Say Never Again

I wonder if that should be parsed: Never say “never” again, or: Never say “never again”?  In my case the latter interpretation provides a friendly reminder that my first surgery for over a year is coming up on July 23rd.There is a sizable lump leg-yin-yangin an area that has seen a lot of activity over the last few years.  It doesn’t seem to be growing, which is good.  We have been giving it IL-2 injections but it doesn’t seem to be shrinking either, which is not so good.  It may simply be a build-up of scar tissue, but the general consensus is that we should cut first and ask questions later.  Yesterday Dr. M spent some time drawing occult symbols on my leg, perhaps to cast out any malevolent influences before the surgery.  There was some talk of doing it while I waited (just bite down on this leather strap while we…).  However, the doctors decided that they needed a better-equipped torture chamber with more sharp-shiny-tool-equipped assistants.  This is a slightly bigger job than usual so they’re going to do a yin-yang flap surgery which is likely to heal faster than my normal evil-eye variety.  It may also require a small skin graft.  Ah well:  been there, done that, got the T-shirt stained.

An appointment with Dr. D revealed that there is little else to worry about.  A recent CT scan reveals nothing sinister north of my right thigh, and a slightly less recent prostate exam reveals that prostate exams are still uncomfortable but (in my case, anyway) innocuous.  There are good reasons for me to be optimistic.  The hot topic in cancer research at present seems to be the various mechanisms by which one’s immune system can be coaxed into a more effective response.  Anti-PD-1 drugs are showing a lot of promise and Yervoy/ipilimumab has been proving quite effective for lots of people.  I foresee a whole different death awaiting me, when the time comes.So far the summer seems to be going really well.  All the major weather events, train derailments, airline crashes, regime changes, intelligence leaks, senate scandals, and questionable beatifications have been a long way away.  Now we’re looking forward to September which is peak hurricane month and may provide a little more entertainment.  In the meantime, perhaps some of you would like to visit?  We got the leak in the boat fixed and we can take you tubing.

That is all I have to reveal about my life right now.  Check WikiLeaks for more information, doubtless coming soon from someone at the NSA.

Have a great summer!

News Roundup

(come hell or high water)

Well, the level of dammed-up news articles has reached a barely manageable mass.  I’m bailing frantically.  Meanwhile, open wide and take a sip from this fire hose.

Save Our Skins

Drugs, Therapies, & Screening

Anti- PD-1 drugs seem to be really hot right now:

There are many other really cool potential treatments:

And a couple of improved screening developments:

Do you mind?

And would you believe it?

And finally, The Cancer Villages of Turkey:  it turns out much of the local geology is erionite which is a form of asbestos.  Needless to say, mesothelioma is a rather common problem.




  1. So which way are your melanoma Ying/Yang’s bouncing after the surgery? Was it scar tissue or more melanoma? I’m hoping for scar tissue but you already have the answers.

    As for leaks, the big leak in AB wasn’t in cyber world and had something to do with the Bow and Elbow Rivers. No leaks in the Amazing Race Canada and as of yesterday my nephew, Tim Jr and his father, Tim Sr. survived to race another day.

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