Posted by: cg00n | September 5, 2014


The summer has just flown by, and that’s what I will be doing later today.   A big, thundering bird will take me away from my first world 1% life and deposit me (indirectly) on a squalid Princess cruise ship which will in due course  return me to my very own squalor.  Sounds like hell, doesn’t it?  But, please: I don’t need your sympathy.  Really.  I’ll get through this somehow.

It has been a few weeks since my visit to the oncologist.  At that time we decided that I will stick with the status quo:  IL-2 injections every couple of weeks until the universe winds down.  That is a nuisance, but a fairly mild one.  It writes off a few days each month during which I am good for very little, and it hurts a Whole Lot when they give me the 30-ish injections, but that soon fades away and life resumes.  So, I continue to be well and mostly happy with my existence.  Spare a thought for those less fortunate than I.

Recently a couple of long-time friends made it out here for 10 days.  Fortunately they are fairly self-sufficient, since relying on us (me, in particular) for entertainment is a bit of a dead loss.    It was great to see them, though, and we did manage to go to a few places, see a few things, and eat a few good meals with them before they returned home.

That’s about all I have to report, which is probably just as well.  Do stay in touch, all of you,  and I wish you a gentle slide into the Fall.

News Roundup

Once more, my thanks for all the pointers to news articles.  Keep ’em coming.







  1. I’m still rooting for you and think of you often. You were given a mountain to climb and have done it primarily with the support of P. I’m hoping your ability to entertain is more about your own agenda and less about your melanoma. I just read your biography of sorts (I’m obviously behind in blog reading) and find it interesting that I’ve experienced many of the same fears that you had. A steady dose with times of relief. My emotional life is also much more stable and I attribute it to medication for depressant/anxiety. I much prefer a stable life with inner calmness. Enjoy your cruise (or perhaps it is over) and autumn. I understand autumn is a season of colour in the East.

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