Posted by: cg00n | December 26, 2014

The Sky Above Me

Unbelievable Maritime weather this Christmas!  It is 10C with sunshine,blue skies, and green grass here today.  I took a long-ish walk along a shore-hugging road, and watched someone out sailing.  What a wonderful feeling of vicarious freedom!  This was also the perfect excuse to use up the last James Bond movie title.  It was a pretty silly exercise, and I promise not to raise the spectre of its return in the future.

In the last episode P and I were about to depart on a cruise.  In this episode we have apparently returned, which is probably a Good Thing.  We had a wonderful time, but will have to cut back in the new year:  the deficit is getting too big.  Our lives seem to be full enough without too much travel, anyway.  In my case, I can spend a lot of time just sitting around doing crossword puzzles, listening to music, reading, dozing, taking the occasional walk.  It is wonderful that others explore new and interesting places, try new things, get active, and keep fit.  That’s just not me.  I have always found it hard to start new projects.  Even getting up in the morning is pretty tough.   Until a few years ago that caused me a certain amount of self-loathing, but I finally learned to accept that there is nothing wrong with living this way.  Since then I have been much more relaxed, happy, and content to celebrate and applaud the achievements of others.

I continue to offer advice and comfort to those in need in the Support Groups family.  Some days it is frustrating or heartbreaking, but there are also times when I can get someone to laugh, or to look for different solutions to their problems.  That is very rewarding – for me, at least; I hope it does them some good too.  There is a Skin Cancer group which I monitor, but not a lot of activity there.  Occasionally I point someone to this blog in the hope that it will provide some inspiration or at least information.  Online support was not easy to find when I started down this path.

As far as my own melanoma is concerned, everything is going very well.  Earlier in the year I (and my doctors) were a little worried about the frequency with which new lumps were popping up.  There was talk about more drastic chemo, all of which was somewhat anxiety-provoking.  However, my last IL-2 treatment involved only 10 injections, down from about 35 at the peak of the panic.  This is much easier to take!   Quite apart from having my leg feeling like an abused pin cushion, that much IL-2 in my system thoroughly flattens me for about 3 days.  Now I can actually start making modest progress on stuff within 24 hours.  Furthermore, the decline in lumps to inject raises the prospect that the number may drop to zero, at least for short periods.  That’s closer to a cure than I ever expected to get.

Speaking of cures … they haven’t found one yet.  But the progress is promising, as evidenced in the next section.

I wish you all a healthy and happy 2015, and expect to be around to share it with you!

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  1. So is the weather still “unbelievable”? Hope you’re warm and snug and safe!

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