Posted by: cg00n | July 8, 2015

Having Fun

As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun” and I can attest to the truth of this.  Somehow seven months have flown since I last updated this blog.  Did you miss me?  Be honest, now.

What’s been happening to me (in blog order):

Tomorrow I get to see my oncologist (Dr. Mc) and my psychiatrist (Dr. C), both of which appointments I expect to be more or less non-events.  I still have active melanoma and I still have occasional mental struggles, but in general I seem to be staying relatively healthy.

Last week I had a PET scan and Dr. H was kind enough to call me with the results.  Although there are still active areas, she said that if anything the scan is a little better than last year’s.  By way of treatments, I still go for bi-weekly IL-2 shots which still knock the stuffing out of me for a couple of days, but that still leaves me with quite a bit of time to waste on other pursuits (exotic cars, boating, plotting the overthrow of the government etc.)

Speaking of exotic cars, we took a quick trip to Toronto recently so mine could get a tuneup.  This is not the craziest thing I’ve ever done by way of automobile maintenance, but it does come close.  Saw A for a few hours along the way.  She is working as a lab research assistant kind of thing at Queens U. this summer.

Hardcore party people

Hardcore party people

A few months back I passed another decade marker in my lifetime’s progress.  Back when melancholynoma started I really didn’t expect to see this birthday, so it was a very special occasion.  P rounded up all kinds of people (not sure where she found some of them) for a surprise party. The place was quite packed for a while but by the time the photo was taken many people had wimped out, leaving the hardcore to finish the food and booze.  This we did with relish.  And guacamole. And other stuff.

Too much snow to plough

Too much snow to plough

Winter was only just over by the time the party happened. We were very nearly housebound a couple of times, and on one occasion needed a front loader tractor to dig enough snow off the drive so that it could be ploughed.  I was beginning to regret having ditched my X-skis a few years ago.

A short European cruise and visit to Ireland provided a most welcome break from the weather here.  The tulips near Rotterdam were colourful enough to keep us going for weeks afterwards.

Taking advantage of the miserable winter, P organized a weekend-long retreat at our local Meditation Centre.  Fifteen people came for a fairly solid 12 hours of meditation on a Saturday (including two mindfully-eaten meals) and a further 8 hours on Sunday.  We walked and sat a lot.  It is surprisingly hard to do this.  One uses all sorts of little muscles to maintain even a relaxed posture and, of course, once a muscle starts to get a bit tired and tense it spreads its displeasure to those around it.  I usually feel quite tired both physically and mentally by the end of that much meditation.

Throughout all of this I’ve been spending time on the Support Groups website.  My own problems seem much smaller when compared to what some of the people there go through.  It helps to keep my life in perspective, and practicing compassion is good for my non-soul.

And that pretty much brings us back to Christmas 2014.

News Roundup

I’m not even going to try to list all the stuff I’ve come across in the last six months.  Besides, some of it is probably out of date already.  So, here are the main points of the news:

The abundance of research and the number of potential new treatments for all that ails me is very encouraging!

Wishing you all a very happy summer … and beyond.  Re-read the Sun & Skin Survival Special and abide by the sound advice therein.  Take care.


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