For your convenience (and occasionally mine) here is a list of the doctors involved in this whole saga of mine:

  • Dr. A: my family doctor after late 2013 or so
  • Dr. B:  the plastic surgeon who took out the original tumour
  • Dr. C: the psychiatrist until mid-2016
  • Dr. D: the chemotherapy oncologist, now retired
  • Dr. G: the general surgeon who performed the isolated limb perfusion
  • Dr. H: the general surgeon who took out my popliteal lymph nodes
  • Dr. J: my family doctors, 1st until mid 2010, and 2nd after mid 2015
  • Dr. L: the dermatologist
  • Dr. M: the plastic surgeon who did the wide excision around the tumour site
  • Dr. Mc: the chemotherapy oncologist, current
  • Dr. O: my family doctor after mid 2010
  • Dr. R: (really another Dr. C) the radiotherapy oncologist
  • Dr. Wu: traditional Chinese medicine practitioner

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