Posted by: cg00n | April 25, 2008

April 21: Bad News

Returned to Dr. B (the plastic surgeon) today to have stitches removed and to learn the results of the lab test. All very discouraging. Tumour is a Melanoma, 4mm thick and the statistics indicate that the survival rate is as low as 1/2. Total anxiety attack for both P and myself. Explained all to our 13 year old daughter A in the evening who, on the whole, took it pretty well. We slept 3 in the king-sized bed tonight, taking comfort from our family nearness. Actually, P and I didn’t sleep very much: way too wired.

This has been, bar none, the most stressful day I have ever suffered. P seconds this. We are both so numb that we can hardly feel anything like a real emotion



  1. […] It was on this day one year ago that I found out I had melanoma.  In some ways it is hard to believe, reading my early postings, that I’m still here.  […]

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